About Classic Traffic School

Our mission is to provide exceptional education in the techniques that will keep you safe and secure in any and every possible driving situation. Once you are a driver, you become a driver for life. We want to put safety, confidence, and competence back on the road. And it begins one driver at a time, With YOU.... 

  1. Florida State Certified Instructor Educated Male driving instructors.
  2. Door to Door service are available. We come to you!  You rarely need to come to us.            
  3. We work 6 days a week and are flexible with your schedule
  4. We offer an easy to use online class scheduling and payment system.
  5. We offer a financing (pay per month) plan, extended as far as 12 months.
  6. We conduct classes in clean safe and actually fun to drive.
  7. We want you to have such a good experience that you will refer all of your friends, neighbors, relatives, dog walkers, and total strangers to us.
  8. We look at driving instruction as an honor and a big responsibility because we all share the same roads, and it's important for all of us to get home SAFE.
  9. Remember a solid driving education is an investment for life.
  10. Our instructors aren't people who teach part time or people who cant find other jobs, or using this as a stepping stone to a different job. Our instructors love what they do and have knowledge and expertise in the art of education and instruction in motor vehicles.
  11. Our classes are never conducted by angry or hostile instructors. We understand that learning how to drive is a delicate art in which both parties must be cool, calm, and collected. We understand that every student learns at their own pace; our students are never under pressure.  Instead they are laughing or smiling and usually surprised how well they are doing and what they are able to do with such ease and in such a short time.